Meladerm: A Skin Lightener that Corrects Skin Flaws

For many women and men the sheer thought of having a blemish of any sort on the face or body is embarrassing beyond belief. Attractiveness lies in clean, beautiful skin that we all strive to obtain. Skin lightening cream can help us achieve the beautiful skin we want. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from very common skin issues such as:

  • Dark Spots
  • Acne Scars
  • Redness
  • Melasma
  • Hyperpigmentation

Millions of men and women have one or more of these skin flaws. There are loads of different treatment options available for all of them. Most involve an expensive trip to the dermatologist just to be prescribed an even more expensive medication that, more times than not, doesn’t quite work for us. Luckily, there are alternatives that do work. One in particular is Meladerm™ by Civant Skin Care.

What is Meladerm™?

Most conditions involving redness or darkening of the skin is due to an excessive amount of melanin built up in the epidermis. This Civant's Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complexissue is commonly referred to as hyperpigmentation and is the reason for imperfections such as dark spots, age spots, melasma and redness. These are all annoying and embarrassing conditions to have to deal with and can be difficult to get rid of. That’s where Meladerm comes in.

Civant Skin Care spent over 4 years developing this product for the public. It is made up entirely of all-natural ingredients, is easy to apply and is highly effective at diminishing the results of all of the aforementioned ailments. The product is a simple cream that is applied once per day to the affected areas of the skin. Civant guarantees noticeable, positive results in as little as two weeks or your money back. They back the product with such a powerful guarantee because the product DOES work.

Why Meladerm™ Over Other Lighteners?

Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex™ is what is commonly called a skin lightening cream. There are other creams on the market similar to this product. SkinBright, Dermology, Ambi Fade and Revitol are a few examples of competing brands. But why should you choose Meladerm over all these other products, you ask?

First of all, Civant’s Meladerm has been the best selling skin lightener all over for nearly 4 years strong. Secondly, the reviews of the product are nearly all phenomenal. Many people experience fascinating results in 2 to 6 weeks which is unheard of in the industry. Competing creams don’t provide a guarantee that their product will work and say to allow anywhere from a month to 3 months to see any real results.

Another strong selling point for Meladerm is the fact that it’s safe for use. Many skin brightening products are made up of strong acidic chemicals or, even worse, hydroquinone (linked to certain forms of cancer). Meladerm, on the other hand, is comprised of natural herbs and oils that are both safe and even gentle on sensitive skin. That’s not common in skin lightening creams.

Overall, this product is best in terms of quality, price and results. It’s a best selling cream of 4 years and counting, it’s completely safe to use on your skin, it produces real results quickly and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Our total rating for this particular product is 10/10, hands down the best treatment for any darkened skin or acne scarring or other hyperpigmentation related condition.

Price: $49.99 per bottle

Quality: 10/10

Results: 10/10

Overall Reviews: Strongly Positive