Meladerm Complex: A Brilliant Cream for Brilliant Skin

Everyone desires to achieve a flawless skin condition. Aside from a healthy diet, they use various skin care products. But since there are various brands available in the market, most of them are confused on what to choose. To end your confusion, Meladerm from Civant Skin Care is here to solve your skin issues.


This skin product helps in covering up any skin imperfection and offers a striking flawless look. It has a combination of herbs, natural oils and vitamins like bearberry acid, mulberry and licorice extract. The most essential ingredient of the item is glycolic acid. This ingredient helps in the skin’s natural exfoliation.

The formula of Meladerm works by inhibiting the maturation of skin cells. This product is effective in lightening dark spots and lessens the amount of melanin produced in the body. It is said that this item is the top choice of beauty experts around the world. With the gentle exclusion of skin imperfections, this skin product has become very in demand in the market.

Here’s a short video that explains more about the cream:

If you have this skin product, you will surely be amazed on how it works. This cream has been proven safe due to its natural ingredients. Whatever type of skin you have, this product is perfect for you. This item can also be used as a habitual moisturizing lotion. Its continuous application will give your skin a healthy glow. Another best thing about this item is that it reduces the signs of aging.

After getting the different facts about this skin care product, you will probably get tempted to buy it. However, this item is not sold in any local stores. It is only available from the Civant Skin Care site. This website provides international buyers a chance to order by phone. Since it performs via online, its payment selections include credit cards, re-check, PayPal balance, money order and a lot more. Since the manufacturer of this product is one of the best in the industry, it is able to provide ultimate satisfaction to customers. It also gives a 30-day money back guarantee and other incentives.

Upon having this item, you have to know its correct application. This skin care product must be applied at least twice a day. Prior to using this product, make sure that you are aware of its do’s and don’ts. With your knowledge about its application, it would be easy for you to get its maximum benefits.

Similar with other products, this skin care item also includes minor side effects. Some possible side effects include mild irritation to the skin, temporary minor skin cracking and increased risk of sun damage.

As you will notice, transforming your skin’s appearance is not too tough. Simply pick the best skin care product and use it accurately. With a straightforward process, you no longer need to worry about your skin’s condition. With continual usage, you can transform your skin into a healthy one. The choice is in your hands. Why don’t you make the best decision now to obtain this effective yet affordable skin product?

How to Lighten Skin: Effective Methods for Skin Lightening

Skin lightening (which is also commonly referred to as skin whitening) has become a globally popular process. It is said to have originated in Asia where it is known that men and women with lighter skin tones are considered to be the most attractive. The process now has many applications other than just for having fair skin including the treatment of many skin conditions such as:

  • MelasmaHow to Lighten Skin
  • Dark Spots
  • Acne Scarring
  • Birth Marks
  • Freckles
  • Dark Underarms
  • Several other conditions

Products for Lightening Skin

Now thousands upon thousands of people across the world search for information on how to lighten skin and reduce the appearance of unsightly flaws. Due to this massive demand of the procedure there have been new products emerging to help people with skin lightening at home including creams, soaps, pills and other concoctions.

There are several top brands of skin lightening products. Among the most effective and safest are Meladerm, Dermology and Shiseido. Currently, Meladerm is rated as the #1 performing skin lightener and has been for several years due to it’s fast results, reasonable price and safe ingredients. Dermology is considered to be a close 2nd with similar attributes.

Risks Involved with Skin Whitening

Many reports on both local and national news have been warning individuals of the dangers of the skin lightening process as of late. These reports focus on products that contain a dangerous ingredient known as hydroquinone. This ingredient should be avoided as it can produce undesired side effects and is also potentially linked to certain forms of cancer. The product brands listed above do not contain this ingredient, though.

Process Used by Both Genders

Both men and women use skin whitening products but the majority of users do consist of women. These products are used to not only lighten the appearance of the skin but also to correct certain skin flaws. These flaws can include but are not limited to: dark spots, old acne scars, birth marks, sunspots, brown spots and liver spots. Some individuals have even successfully used the skin whitening process to diminish freckles and moles.

Intimate Area Bleaching

In many countries, including the United States and Europe, skin lightening is also a popular treatment used on intimate areas such as the vagina, anus and underarms. Women who have dark spots on or around the vaginal area tend to want them less visible so use creams or other topical solutions to reduce their appearance. The same applies for ladies with darkened underarms or a dark anus region. Be sure to check products to ensure they are safe to use on these areas because not all are.

A Friendly Reminder

Before using any cosmetic product you should always check with your doctor or physician to ensure it is completely safe for YOU to use. While the products listed on this page are made with natural ingredients and are generally safe to use it is still highly recommended that you visit your doctor to learn more about the process and whether or not you are an ideal candidate for at home treatments. Never take any cosmetic or medicine without first consulting your doctor. It’s always much safer to be sure than regret the decision later down the road.

Does Meladerm Work for Users? Evaluation of Meladerm

Meladerm has certainly become a very popular cosmetic product. Their ads appear nearly everywhere online including major health websites, the most recognized beauty blogs and even on national T.V. commercials. But many people still want an answer to a very reasonable question – does Meladerm work as their advertisements say? Find the answer below.

What is Meladerm?Civant's Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex

Meladerm is what is commonly referred to as a skin lightening cream. These products are designed to fight against the over production of melanin in the skin. High melanin production causes what most men and women call dark spots on the skin. The technical name for this condition is hyperpigmentation, a flaw in skin pigmentation that causes certain areas of the skin to appear darker than others. This condition is annoying and can look awful but it IS treatable with products such as Meladerm.

Is Meladerm Safe?

Unlike many other skin lighteners on the market today Meladerm offers a high safety rating due to the fact that it’s made up entirely of natural plant extract ingredients. For a full list and breakdown be sure to see our page about the active ingredients in Meladerm. This makes this cream completely safe to use on your skin. It’s soft, gentle and very easy to you. It only requires a simple daily application to the affected area to work.

Does Meladerm Work?

Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex has been around for over 4 years and has received multiple awards and many rave reviews for not only being the best selling skin lightening cream but also being the most effective one on the market. Civant Skin Care (the parent company that owns Meladerm) states that most users will see great results within 2 to 4 weeks of using the product daily. This statement has been confirmed in both case studies and by actual customers in testimonials.

Overall, the product is rated #1 even when compared against other industry giants such as Obagi Nu Derm, Aveeno Skin Brightener, Avon’s Anew Luminosity and many, many others. That alone makes a bold statement as to the effectiveness of this product. Meladerm DOES work and it works well according to those who have bought and used it.

How is Meladerm Used?

Meladerm is a daily topical cream that is applied to the desired treatment area (where the dark spots or general hyperpigmentation occurs). It is suggested both by beauty experts and by Civant (the developer of Meladerm) that consumers use the cream for a minimum of 2 weeks to start seeing real results. The best results (as proven through clinical trials and customer reviews) are seen once the cream has been used for 4 weeks to 6 weeks in a row.

Other Tips for High Success

If you really want to quicken the process and get much better results while using Meladerm you SHOULD be using proper skin care routines. This includes using a powerful moisturizer (such as Cetaphil), avoid too much direct sunlight on the skin and exfoliating. Doing these three simple things in combination with using Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex can do wonders for speeding the process up and improving the overall results you’ll get while using the cream.

Overall Rating – 9.5 out of 10

Price – $49.99 for (1) 1.7oz Bottle or $79.99 for (1) 3.4oz Bottle

Dark Spots on Face: Causes & Treatments

Have you ever had dark spots pop up on your face? Or maybe they’ve been there for a while. Either way, these awful looking splotches are destructive to one’s self confidence and, in most cases, difficult to get rid of. Before you can figure out exactly how to eliminate dark spots on your face you need to understand what they are, what causes them and then take a look at the different treatment options available to remove them. Below you’ll find ALL of that information!

What are Dark Spots?Dark Spots on Face

Dark spots are areas of the skin where melanin levels have increased and caused the skin to darken. This is also referred to as hyperpgimentation. It is not a serious condition but does cause flaws in the appearance and can be detrimental to self confidence.

What Causes Dark Spots?

The causes of dark spots both on the face and on the skin in general are quite numerous. There are several medical conditions that can cause this as well as simpler explanations such as aging or pregnancy. Some conditions that cause these spots include:

  • Melasma
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melanosis

Another major cause of dark spots is known to be UV light, aka, the sun. Sunlight is both good and bad for the skin. It does provide a healthy dose of Vitamin D but prolonged exposure to UV rays can damage the skin, including pigments of the skin. Sunlight can cause dark spots, freckles and even melasma.

Get Rid of Dark Spots QUICKLY and EASILY with Meladerm® Skin Lightener

What Treatments are Available?

There are very few treatment options for getting rid of dark spots on the face and skin. But the most effective ones are skin lighteners. These are often referred to as skin brighteners or dark spot correctors. Either way, these products, combined with proper skin care, have proven to be the fastest and most effective way to get rid of dark splotches on the skin.

One of the best skin lighteners on the market today is one called Meladerm®. This product comes in the form of a daily cream that is applied to the affected areas of skin. It works by targeting the melanin in the skin and decreasing its presence which, in turn, causes the dark pigments to fade away. Meladerm® has been proven in many case studies and by general customers to work very effectively and remove most spots in as little as 2 weeks.

Meladerm® is produced by the skin care company Civant Skin Care. The cream has been given several awards including best skin lightening cream, best selling skin lightener and various other awards for over 4 years in a row. Reviews on the Internet and from word of mouth are generally all positive. Meladerm works on even the worst case of dark spots and is made entirely of all natural ingredients making it one of the safest treatments for reducing dark pigments on the skin.

Meladerm® Rating: 9.5 out of 10


Other Tips for Keeping Dark Spots Away

Aside from using products designed to remove the spots from your face and skin you should also take good care of your skin in the future to ensure future breakouts don’t occur. Clean your skin daily with a good moisturizer, try not to be in the sunlight too much to avoid damaging UV rays and always research any skin care product before using it on your skin.

Effective Treatments for Dark Spots

Dark spots are by far one of the most annoying and self-confidence lowering skin conditions. They affect both men and women and are often very difficult to get rid of. These spots are often associated with hyperpigmentation and sometimes pop up during the time a woman is pregnant. Luckily, there are treatments that can help you completely rid yourself of these nasty little spots quickly and easily.

Best Treatments for Dark Spots

There are several products that are designed to fix this particular skin abnormality. Many are referred to as dark spot correctors or skin lightening creams. Unfortunately, not all of these products are created equal. Very few get the job done while others do next to Example of Dark Spots Located on Facenothing for you.

The best product available (due to high success rates and speedy results) is one called Meladerm by Civant Skin Care, a skin lightening cream that has won awards for being the best selling cream on the market and for it’s high success rate. Meladerm effectively treats many skin issues including:

  • Dark Spots
  • Melasma
  • Sun Damaged Skin
  • Age Spots
  • Old Acne Scars
  • Various Other Hyperpigmentation Issues

Meladerm is a highly versatile treatment and is completely safe to use on the skin because it is made up of all natural ingredients (primarily plant extracts). It works by targeting the melanin in your skin (the stuff that controls skin pigments) and gradually decreases the count effectively fixing any skin discolorations.

This product is very easy to use as it is just a cream that is applied daily to the affected area. Only a small dab is required to treat the desired areas so the tube of cream lasts quite a while.

Meladerm is only available online. It can’t be purchased in stores. Visit the official Civant Skin Care Meladerm website for more information and to purchase this product.

NOTE: You might find this product being sold on websites such as eBay or Amazon but please know that these are popular scams in which the sellers purchase empty bottles with labels and fill them with generic lotions and sell off as brand name products such as Meladerm. Don’t fall for sleazy scams like these!

Prevention of Future Spots

Many people who have dark spots often develop more even after treating the initial area. This can be easily prevented by using simple, regular skin care routines. Some of the best things you can do include:

  • Exfoliating – This removes dead skin and, in most cases, skin affected by acne scars, discoloration and many other issues. It also helps keep the skin clean and new which is great for having healthy, beautiful skin.
  • Moisturizing – The skin needs hydration to carry out it’s necessary functions and to fight against complications like acne, dark spot and other issues. For many people this is something to be done daily.
  • Avoiding Too Much Sun – While we would all love to have that glorious golden tan it can also cause problems. Too much sun can damage the skin, dehydrate it and more. The sun can even produces other spots known as sun spots or white spots which are also treatable using products like Meladerm but it’s best to avoid it. Wear sunscreen whenever you go out, it helps tons!

All in all dark spots may be frustrating to get but they are easily treated. And they can easily be avoided by taking care of your skin regularly and making sure you take care of your body. If you want to get rid of them quickly and easily be sure to check out Meladerm because it is a very effective, affordable solution.